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         Deluxe Balancer
     (for balancing Ship It! version 10 databases)

  Deluxe Balancer version 7 is now available for balancing Ship It! version 10 databases!

Written by Jean C. Piquette, user of Ship It! for over 25 years, participant in online Ship It! help forums, and author of all previous Deluxe Balancer versions.

Deluxe Balancer version 7 new features:

1) Improved layout design quality reports.

2) Ability to "freeze" products and industries during balancing. (This means forcing certain parameters not to change during balancing.)

3) Arbitrary shipper and consignee durations are accounted for.

4) Product overlaps are now permitted (same product can run in multiple AAR car types).

5) Industry overlaps are now permitted (industries having the same name in different towns are allowed).

6) A major new balancing algorithm, transparent to the user, has been implemented.

7) Balancer Assistant now adjusts empties at online industries.

8) Much greater calculation speed.

9) Improved and expanded Balancing Discrepancy Details report.

10) Improved and expanded Industry Summary and Product Summary reports.

11) New duration report.

12) The new balancing algorithm bases its calculations directly on the total shipping+receiving percentages in each siding. (Previously, it worked with the portion of each siding used for consignments.) As a result, two of the "discrepancies" reported by the balancer have changed. No longer are there "too many products" or "too few products" going into a siding. Now there are "too many cars" or "too few cars." This applies both to cars used for shipping and cars used for receiving.

13) The total number of available cars in the database is now listed in the car mix report.

14) Two new Car Roadname reports. Report 1 gives the number of cars of each AAR type organized by Roadname, Report 2 gives the same information organized by car type.

See an example report produced by the balancer by clicking here.

And, of course, all the previous Deluxe Balancer features, including those in the balancer included onboard of ShipIt!  version 8, and version 9, are still there. To learn more, visit:  
The Deluxe Balancer. What it is. What it does.


Buy Deluxe Balancer version 7 today! Just $49.95 (USD)

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Or, mail a check for $49.95 (USD) to me. Be sure to include your email address! 

Those ordering by check will receive information about how to get the software and documentation in an email from me.

Jean C. Piquette

72 Botelho Drive

Portsmouth, RI 02871



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